no, fuck that. fuck everything. im tired of being so nice. boys are complete and utter shit. im so tired of this crap. they only ever use women to fan their fragile egos and play dumb games. i hate men. 

im always so quick to forgive and act like it doesnt bother me but it does. why do guys get to choose everything. fuck you. no. stop. i should slap you. youre stupid and selfish and you dont deserve any of the privilege your gender affords you. 

its not fair. you dont get to play this hot and cold game. im so fucking tired of these cowardly men who cant make their minds the fuck up.




Putting on makeup is such a spiritual experience I watch myself go from a 3 to a 9 right in front of my mirror I love it

no, if you are putting on makeup, I don’t care who you are or what you look like, you go from about a 10 to 1

keep talking shit you gonna go from a basic ass 2 to a 6-feet-under

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ye olde partie times

Verily, thou art such a lightweight.

Things ye can’t: even.

Thou only liveth once


that’s what you get you dumb bitch

Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)

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